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Regrettably, after four years of wonderful art-making and friendships, we are closing our doors on July 14th, 2016.
We hope you will be inspired to visit at least once before then.

Thank you to all of the beautiful families and kiddos who have made COLOR*FULL such a happy place!
We will miss each and every one of you.

Stay tuned for our next chapter (whatever that may be!).


COLOR*FULL is an exciting space where kids and families can come to find their inspiration. Each week, the colors, materials and ideas in our studio change. There’s always something new to explore at COLOR*FULL!

I was inspired to create COLOR*FULL when I was unable to find anything like it to enjoy with my own children, a son and daughter who are now ages 5 and 8. A teacher with over 10 years of experience with students in grades K through 12 and degrees in graphic design from the University of Michigan and the arts in education from Harvard University, I believe that every child benefits from a space in which he or she can freely explore the creative process. At COLOR*FULL, kids are encouraged to make their own decisions about their art, to experiment with colors and processes, to find inspiration in the artwork hanging all around them, and to see where their creative energy takes them!

Children ages 2 through 7 can drop-in with their parents for open-ended art explorations inspired by a different artist or art movement each week. Children ages 4 and up can sign up for drop-off classes and special workshops. Experienced art teachers are always on hand to teach a class, lead a workshop, or offer assistance during a drop-in visit.  The COLOR*FULL website, Facebook page, and Instagram account all document what’s happening in the studio and offer ideas for parents and kids to keep the creativity flowing once everyone’s back home. Check us out to see the amazing art we’ve created since opening in September 2012! We’re at facebook.com/colorfullexplorations and colorfull586 on Instagram. Click here for our monthly schedule, and click here to see and hear us talk a little more about our space and our offerings!

I hope you will be inspired to visit regularly!

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Stacey Low
Owner and Creative Director

COLOR*FULL | creative explorations for kids
586 Massachusetts Avenue
Acton, MA 01720

978-264-4488 | colorfull586@gmail.com

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