For four wonderful years, COLOR*FULL was an art studio dedicated to children and the creative process. In July of 2016, we closed our doors, with grand plans to take our show on the road! We currently offer classes, workshops, and "art*full" play dates at locations throughout the greater Acton area. Please call or email us for more information.


We know. Sometimes it's a challenge to get out the door for that 10:00 class. Kids get sick and "can't miss" play date invitations crop up. Life happens.

But we also know that all those Pinterest boards, mommy bloggers, and Facebook friends come up with so many good ideas! And we know that it's possible to spend hours planning, shopping and prepping an awesome art experience that lasts 10 minutes. Did we mention the clean-up? Or the drying space? Or tonight's dinner defrosting next to the artwork?

That's why we offer drop-in times.

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CLASSES and WORKSHOPS at COLOR*FULL are opportunities for kids to fully engage in the creative process.

CLASSES offer a mix of guided art projects and open-ended explorations in our bright and cheery studio space; we work standing up, sitting down, at a table, on the wall, collaboratively and independently, and so much more!

WORKSHOPS are slightly more product-oriented, but still emphasize the process by offering a variety of materials and opportunities for decision-making along the way.

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Birthday parties at COLOR*FULL are 90 minutes long, highly personalized, and packed with creativity! Enjoy exclusive use of our studio space, with plenty of room for grown-ups and kids to relax and enjoy their time with you.

We encourage the art to be as self-directed and open-ended as possible, and we supply an abundance of art materials for the kids to explore. After an hour of art-making, we’ll gather to celebrate the birthday child with your own special traditions and treats. Guests leave with a bag full of their original art, and you leave the mess with us!

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